Hi, my name is Julieanne. I teach 'yoga yoga' in West Mackay, nearby to where I grew up. The neighbourhood is full of nostalgia for me so it is wonderful to return to this stomping ground as I share the benefits of yoga with you and welcome you home to yourself. 
     When new students ask me to describe what type of yoga I teach, I usually say "it's yoga yoga!" My practice is not a specific sub-brand of yoga. I offer asana alignment cues based on the varied lineages of modern postural yoga but mostly drawn from modern movement anatomy research which I have been studying deeply in Post Grad Teacher Training with Ihana Yoga, Melbourne and under the guidance of physio and yoga therapists from Core Yoga, Brisbane. 
     In all classes there is movement, breathing, meditation and relaxation. You can find the Neighbourhood Yoga practice descriptions here
     I began practising yoga during full time dance training when I was 15. Although I maintained a practice to aid my body and mind during the rigours of professional training and performing, it wasn't until years later that the subtler intricacies of yoga began to resonate and my curiosity deepened. 
     ‘Yoga yoga’ is what I do everyday. I try to do this on and off the mat - with varying degrees of success but most importantly, without judgement and with a whole lot of love. I was welcomed to this practice by my teacher, Judith Grieve, whom I still practice with as a student in Mackay. 
     I spent a year of intensive study with Kate Pell and Dan Alder in Brisbane where we not only readied ourselves to teach across modern and traditional philosophies of yoga, but nurtured our place as eternal students. Kate and Dan also encouraged me to understand that I am already enough, exactly as I am. This is a lesson I aim to share with every student that I meet. 
     I have assisted the team from Core Yoga to lead classes of over 300 students through early morning yoga at Woodford Folk Festival since 2014. I also teach yoga in workplaces and schools as part of their wellbeing programs.
     In addition to 500 hour Yoga Australia certification, I have studied short courses in Pranayama and Energetic Anatomy with Simon Borg-Olivier; Yoga Sutras with Leanne Davis and Saraswati Vasudevan; Ayurvedic philosophy with Kimana Nichols; Restorative Yoga with Lizzie Lasater and therapeutics with Iyengar certified teacher Jamie Denham; along with a variety of other ongoing CPD.
     And so, I welcome you to join me on a journey to learn a simple and rewarding practice, so that you too can 'yoga yoga' for life.

Julieanne Bergmann
0448 054 811