All classes include yoga postures, breath work, meditation and relaxation.

Classes at 5 Holland Street, West Mackay. 

No classes on Public Holidays.


  • Studio break from Thursday 4 to Sunday 21 July. No classes during this time.

  • Dan Alder teaching alternative schedule 22 July to 3 August. See here for details, price and bookings.

  • The timetable below will resume on Monday 5 August.


Foundation level practice for those just starting out, working with injuries or dedicating time to refine their practice. This class will help you grasp key alignment principles, breathing and concentration techniques in preparation for safe and enjoyable practice in other classes. If you have never practiced yoga before and cannot make the 6 Week Beginner Course, start in one of these classes. All students are welcome to work at their own pace.

*Wed 09:15 is Gentle Beginners - a slower paced, very gentle practice.
**Sat 07:00 is an easy class for men to learn the basics in a relaxed yet focused class. 


Mon 18:30
Tue 16:30
Wed 09:15 - Gentle*
Wed 17:45
Sat 07:00 - Men**


Beginner Foundations
Six Week Course

We will dive deeper into your unique alignment education, understanding of movement pathways and most importantly, connection with our Self through yoga.
This course is helpful for all students, whether you are new to yoga or continuing to refine your practice. The program is carefully designed and facilitated for students to accumulate knowledge, ask questions, refine and build from week to week and consolidate their new practice in the final weeks. 

  • Mondays 515pm. Next course 12 August.

Booking essential. No casual enrolment. 



Get grounded in the basic foundations of Meditation. We will explore easy-to-remember breath techniques, concentration and relaxation tools to balance fatigue at home. I will also provide tips on how to overcome the roadblocks that may appear when attempting to practise on your own. If you have ever tried to meditate and had a million questions, felt defeated or simply not been able to remember what yoga postures will help you unwind, come along.


Thur 17:15

Awaken Vinyasa

Awaken Vinyasa is suitable for beginners who have knowledge of yoga basics. The class builds at a gentle pace for those looking for a gradual start to their day or to complement other training modalities. This practice is a great way to affirm your intention for daily life. 


Tue 06:00
Tue 09:15
Thur 09:15
Sat 08:15

Energise Vinyasa

Energise Vinyasa is a lively and dynamic yoga practice. Best for students with some experience. 


Tue 17:45
Thur 06:00


A restorative practice to unravel the body, ease your breath and be open to yourself. Postures are held for longer periods of time in a safe and supported manner. Perfect for active folks who need to settle down, along with beginner or experienced yoga students looking to soothe the body and mind. Booking essential. This class is very popular.


Thur 18:30

Garden Yoga

Enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens. We meet on the lawn next to cafe carpark every third Sunday. Bring insect repellent and a towel to place under your own mat. In case of wet wether, we relocate to the studio at 5 Holland Street. This class is suitable for beginners and those with more experience. A flowing sequence of postures that will build at a gentle pace for those looking for an easy and relaxing end to their weekend.


Sun 16:30
15 September
20 October
17 November
15 December

If you are unsure about which class is suitable for you or you can not find a time that suits you, please call me, Julieanne, to discuss. I enjoy teaching yoga to all.